Atlanta is an Artists Paradise

Charter bus rentals in Atlanta GA is the best option if you are planning to visit Atlanta Art Exhibitions with a group of interested individuals. While retaining the old world charm of Southern cities, Atlanta has taken huge strides in modernism. Founded in 1847, this city has witnessed several eminent events such as the 1996 Olympic Games, American Civil Rights Movement and American Civil War. These events mark Atlanta as historically significant. This city is not restricted to its historical background but is also known for fine dining, trendy shopping facilities, beautiful landscape, annual events, recreational activities and friendly locals.

These features attract visitors from countries throughout the world. Hiring Charter bus rentals in Atlanta GA will ensure that your group is able to explore all these places the next time they visit this dynamic city.  The city of Atlanta has been turned into an artists paradise with any number of events and galleries that are setup to showcase talented artists remarkable artworks. Visitors to this city are often amazed at the aesthetic appeal of the beautiful art displays in exhibitions, community murals, public transport and art galleries. This makes Atlanta an ideal place to bask in the artistic essence by being transported in Charter bus rentals in Atlanta GA. 

Living Walls is a non-profit organization run by Black Li Rudi Migliozzi and Monica Campana since 2009. Living Walls has collaborated with the Atlanta city officials and academic professionals, with a view to bring to life the deserted buildings and featureless dull public walls with emotive, hard-hitting murals and descriptive artworks. International and local artists that specialize in street art and mural walls with their exceptional works of art. Tourists are drawn from all over the world to view these exceptional and exquisite pieces of art. Annual conferences that celebrate the work of artists are organized by Living Walls through their exhibitions, workshops and screenings.

In 2012, this organization became the first host for the very first all-female street-art conference worldwide. Charter bus rentals in Atlanta GA are equipped to transport groups of individuals to view these walls in the city district.  Besharat Gallery is located in a European style building that has an artistic facade, Artists works of all skill-levels are showcased here. Internationally acclaimed and budding-local talents work can be viewed at this venue. Besharat Gallery and its subsidiary gallery have established themselves as some of the best contemporary galleries in the city of Atlanta. Exceptional artworks and works of photography are promoted at this gallery.

If you are ready to enjoy and share some exquisite art, then book Charter bus rentals in Atlanta GA for your artistic group and you will be transported to your destination without having to worry about directions for finding the Besharat Gallery. WonderRoot is an art center based in Reynoldstown, and has been an inspirational source for the art-community of Atlanta city since 2004. Artists are given year-long access to services such as use of the ceramics studio, digital media lab, recording studio, darkroom and performance venue, after making a $60 deposit, Adding Podcasts, youth outreach programs and literary magazine further expanded the support and facilities offered by WonderRoot art center. Charter bus rentals in Atlanta GA will assist with transport for those who want to visit this place, learn a new skill while enjoying a movie or live music performance. Make your group booking online and build towards your inner artistic instincts.     

The High Museum of Art in Atlanta consists of two beautiful buildings designed by internationally renowned architects. Interesting exhibitions are offered from time to time. .The High Museum houses a permanent collection that consists of more than 11,000 pieces. Many of these art works may be viewed from the four-story glass atrium at different levels. Outsider art, African art and southern furniture make up a very good art collection on display. There exists a lack of depth to this permanent collection, especially with the European art work. Art works from many world destinations thrive in the city of Atlanta,where Charter bus rentals in Atlanta GA are available for group tours transporting interested artists to this artistic haven.     

The Atlanta Apex Museum is completely devoted to African-American history. This enhances the promotion of the societal contributions and cultural awareness made by African-Americans in Georgia. The Apex Museum houses many artifacts, children’s shows, photographs and presentations related to the past and present of African-American culture. This includes, the Trolley Theater videos, baseball, local historical information and pioneer stories like the first Black owned business. A visit to this museum allows one to view authentic historical and cultural art exhibits that reveal African American history. A small museum that holds a ton of information. Interact Art Museum is the first 3D Art museum in North America. You are invited to pose, take pictures, be art while creating your own authentic art masterpieces. The entire family will find something here that interests them. Unique attractions like infinity rooms, eye-fool optical illusions, homages to some famous artists attract artists of all ages. Actively involved in the Atlanta creative community, this museum offers good vibes, incomparable passion and knowledge for the art, creative scene and area.

Your visit is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience for locals and visitors alike. With Phantom Escape Room experiences, Graffiti Workshop and Eye fool exhibitions that are unique to Interact Art Museum, we’ll make your Atlanta Art tour unforgettable!  With such a variety of art exhibitions and museums available to visit in Atlanta, you will need to hire charter bus rentals in Atlanta GA for your group tour if you have any hope of making it to most of these destinations. With this service you are assured of transport that is safe, secure and comfortable. Your driver will get you to your destination on time without you having to be concerned about traffic or directions. Atlanta offers a huge variety of art centers, museums and exhibitions that showcase every conceivable known art form. This makes it a paradise for any artistic tourist.